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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

a true fact about spiders is they can’t run for extended periods of time because they have asthma. all spiders are nerds. even tarantulas. have you ever seen a spider dating a hot babe? i doubt it. spider flashing his cash in the club? nope. spider pulling up beside you at the lights in a lamborghini? never happened. they’ve got so many eyes because they love reading. nerds. all of them.

(Source: verylittlebird, via leukocytes)

Nothing excites me more than hearing a thunderstorm rolling in. 

My cat is cooler than your cat. 

Is it acceptable to go in the middle of Main street and scream? 

There are times when I ask myself, “why are you playing this game? Why don’t you go and conquer your dreams and do what you want to do, rather than what is expected of you?”

Then quite matter-of-factly I respond, “because I have to.” 

My candle sounds like it’s purring.